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Dinner, drinks, and a murder or two... Our murder mystery themed events make an eventful night for your corporate or private party guests...

How the murder mystery plots and formats work and frequently asked questions

What Happens Next?
After your initial enquiry, we will forward a proposal to you itemising your requirements including a quotation based on the information supplied.  Depending on the format chosen, we can arrange a meeting to talk through the event and what will work best for you and to reassure you that your needs will be met at every level.

How Does it Work
Normally the event will take place over a three-course dinner but the themes will work equally well over a mid-day meal or evening buffet - we can adapt to suit any situation. The event manager or lead actor and actors will generally arrive 2 hours before the dinner start time to set up. They will then co-ordinate the meal timings with the restaurant manager before the event with a timings sheet and meet the event organiser if required, to check through any final details. For further details on how it works, see the different formats available.

What Level Of Participation Is There?
From experience, we find it best if the guests know that they will be having a murder mystery so they are really ready to enjoy the entertainment ahead.   Guests can participate as much or as little as they want. We appreciate that not everybody is a born entertainer so with our experience in reading an audience, we will not force people who look reluctant to join in. Guests are encouraged to dress for the theme selected, we find it makes it more fun for all concerned but don’t worry if you don’t, we would rather you were comfortable and enjoyed the event.

Are We Suitable For Your Event?
Our themes are what we would call ‘Carry On’ type humour, so it is suitable for children but probably best if over sixteen. We always judge each event and will pull back or further the style of comedy to suit the audience reaction. The emphasis is on fun for all our events although you do need to concentrate to solve the murder and will need to follow the clues and information. We pride ourselves on our 100% record in customer satisfaction.

How long will the event last?
The event, if over dinner, will last until the coffee is served so depending on how many courses you have and the speed of service, this will determine the time the murder mystery lasts. If over a buffet or drinks, we expect the event to last about 2 hours. However, we can always adjust the timings to suit your event.

Will The Murder Mystery Work As A Team Building Event?
Murder mysteries work really well as a team-building event, especially if you carry forward the points from the day’s team building to the evening with a murder mystery over dinner. We can mark the answers to accumulate points at the end of the evening.  This service is only available in the standard and deluxe formats.

Company Requirements
The event manager, if applicable and the actors will require a pre-arranged secure dressing room large enough to change in, store costumes and props and to retire to between performed scenes.  This room should be as close as possible to the performance area, preferably adjacent to it. Please note we do not change in toilets due to hygiene, space and security reasons. The actors will require subsistence in the form of sandwiches / bar food, tea, coffee and water 1 ½ hours before the dinner start time. The actors do not sit to eat with the guests during dinner.
Hercule Poirot Lookalike

“Ideal promotional character to meet and greet at your railway open day or boat trip, to travel with your passengers, pose for photographs and entertain your guests on their journey”

Martin is the only officially endorsed Hercule Poirot look-alike in the UK and his work has taken him all over Europe entertaining various high profile companies and clients.  

He has entertained and worked with many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Kournikova, Stella McCartney, Jenny Agutter, Charleen Spitteri and even the last  man to walk on the moon, Eugene Cernan.  Martin will entertain your clients and associates at your event with his unique brand of humour and will give them a day to remember.

Please note, Martin is not available to host murder mysteries as Hercule Poirot and is under licence to Agatha Christie Ltd whose permission is required for each appearance.
Price List! and various formats offered at the foot of this page
Get your event off to a flyer with our award winning dancers.

Steppin Out Price List - All prices + vat + 15 % Booking Fee


STANDARD - Four actor
Up to 100 guests
Total £1195.00

Up to 40 guests
Total £745.00

HOSTED FORMAT  - Two actor
Up to 40 guests
Total £945.00

Up to 40 guests
Total £1340.00

PREMIER FORMAT - Four actor with Lead Actor
Up to 125 guests
Total £1525.00

PREMIER PLUS FORMAT - Four actor with Event Manager
Inc 'Ullo 'Ullo
Up to 125 guests
Total £1855.00

PREMIER WEEKEND  - Four actor with Lead actor - (One night)
Up to 100 guests
Total £1875.00

Four actor with Lead actor
Up to 100 guests
Total £1575.00

Five actor - 'Ullo 'Ullo
Up to 100 guests
Total £1,555.00


MURDER CASEBOOK - One actor - One hour
Up to 100 guests
Total £810.00

Murder Mystery - 4 actors - One Hour
Up to 100 guests
Total £1195.00

CSI Murder Squad - 2 actors - One hour
Up to 100 guests
Total £1035.00

Total £1560.00


MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM CHALLENGE - Two actor 3 hour clue hunt format
TMMM - Up to 70 guests pre-written
Total £1245.00
New writing / new venue
Total £1820.00

MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM CHALLENGE - Five actor 1 hour cold case - 2 hour murder mystery
TMFFG - Up to 70 guests pre-written
Total £1600.00
New writing / new venue
Total £2180.00

MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM CHALLENGE - One actor 2 hour cold case - Over dinner 4 actor murder mystery
TMFFG - Up to 70 guests pre-written
Total £1725.00
New writing / new venue
Total £2300.00

MURDER INVESTIGATION TEAM CHALLENGE - Two actor 2 1/2 hour clue hunt format
LTM - Up to 70 guests pre-written
Total £1250.00
New writing / new venue
Total £1825.00

Up to 70 guests - Current location / plot
Total £1855.00
New location / same plot
Total £2310.00
New writing / new venue
Total £2510.00


One actor waiter £495.00
Two actor waiter £685.00
Three actor waiter £850.00
Four Actor waiter £1025.00
Five Actor waiter £1190.00


Total Per actor £710.00

Please note - if the event is to be held in December, Halloween or New Year and if the distance is further than Leeds in the North, and Oxford in the South or London
extras costs apply, please call.