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Ideal for weddings, private or corporate functions, entertainers mix with your guests...

Mix and Mingle Performers

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Mind Readers




Face Painters

Introducing Jim and Frank and The Mummy

This is Jim's new creation available for Halloween Events including Mix 'n' Mingle, Walk-about, Street Entertainment, Private parties and Corporate Events

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Price From £350.00
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Spoof Security and Comedy Waiters
Do you want something different for your party/event? Well this is it…

Have your guests become the victim of our unique security team, Steve and Norman, who will do everything from body plant, to cause our oh so realistic metal detectors to go off. Its all good fun and you get to choose the victims.
What we do! On a normal night! The first thing your guests will see as they arrive is “The Security Guards” - “Steve Jones and Norman Bush”. With a strict policy of “No Weapons” and “Strictly No Guns” your guests will have to pass though our metal detector. With searches and body planting, your night is guaranteed to start with a laugh and a great way to put a spanner in the works.
What happens? Imagine a hidden camera show, but without the cameras. Well that's what's going on when you book the Comedy Waiters.
When the waiters appear, the whispers in the room start and heads start to turn, "Are these guys for real?"

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Price From POA
Elizabethan Minstrel
No ordinary Elizabethan Minstrel...
Strolls in stunning 16th century costume.
Sings a dazzling array of beautiful period instruments. 
Covers all types of Elizabethan entertainment as a soloist or with a package of diverse performers.
Entertainment for banquets and special events can vary enormously depending on the musicians chosen. With Dante Ferrara you are guaranteed genuine music and songs from the period on correct instruments.

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Price From £ 350.00 (solo)  £575.00 (with jester)
Music Samples

Music 1

Pirate music and songs. Wandering or hosted banquets.

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Price From £ 350.00
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Naval Packet
Naval Packet Victorian nautical music and songs. Vocals, shanties (depending on line-up) Accordian, Fiddle, Whistle, Mandolin, Banjo, Melodeon etc.

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Price From £ 350.00
Music Samples

Music 1

Toastmaster Alan
Without doubt, three of Alan most popular characters are those of Town Crier, Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies. Between them, they've attended a huge number of events, throughout the UK and internationally, from weddings and family parties, through to arts festivals, sporting tournaments, civic ceremonies, trade exhibitions and many more.
So, if you're planning a special event or promotion within the next few months and are looking for an MC to lead the programme, then you've come to the right place. Alan's personal experience as a festivals and events organiser means that you can have confidence in his understanding of what's required and his ability to deal effectively with the unexpected.
Alan's flexible approach means that any number of roles can be adapted to suit the requirements of the event. From reading proclamations in his role as Town Crier, to calling for order as Master of Ceremonies or Toastmaster, Alan instinctively knows the role that will be best suited to the occasion.
As Toastmaster, Alan can easily take command of an event, if required, and help to ensure things run on time and without a hitch. If you're looking for someone who has wide-ranging experience of all types of events, with an excellent understanding of etiquette and protocol, and who won't let you down… then Alan is just the person you need.

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Price From £345.00
Town Crier Graham
Hi ... My name is Graham.

I've been a professional Town Crier for twelve years.

I do a wide range of functions and stores including…
HOF, Debenhams, Pertemps, Festival of the Sea, Recruitment, Local Authorities.

I carry your clients message volubly, clearly and entertainingly.

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Price From £290.00
David Brent / Ricky Gervais Lookalike
"Here is Tim as the star of 'The Office' David Brent.
Tim is fantastic as the wacky TV star with his now famous dance and one liner's and has appeared at numerous events, promotions, parties and exhibitions.
Tim also won best comedy lookalike on Stars and Their Doubles 2005 and appeared on Channel 4's Richard & Judy as David Brent reviewing the new American Office.
If you want to create media and public interest at your next function then book Tim to appear as David Brent and give your guests and friends an evening to remember."

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Price From £ 460.00
Living Statue Dave 
Living statues are an amazing form of entertainment at any function. As guests pass by they suddenly "come to life" with hilarious results!

Always surprising, and the centre of attraction we have many styles to suit any theme or type of event, great fun at wedding receptions and parties.

Awards ceremonies and presentation dinners.

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Price From £ 350.00
Medieval meets Monty Python...
...the Bruegelesque Singing Plague Victims perform traditional songs and music culled from the rich musical heritage of Merrie England, with an emphasis on comedy and audience participation.
They are indeed a sight to behold, with long nosed Nostrildamus and Milly Molly Manky, once arrested for having an offensive voice.
The Plague Victims have appeared at Warwick Castle, Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest, Runnymede, Hampton Court etc etc...
If a suitable havel is provided, they will perform in said hovel, with their own less than hygeinic cooking facilities, and will prepare a selection of disgusting comestibles.
Leave them alone and they'll play for hours.

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Price From £700.00 (Duo)
Traditional Singing Waiters
Opera singers masquerade as waiters and waitresses throughout the meal, so that the guests never suspect that they are anything but staff. At a time agreed with the client, the singers reveal their true talents one by one, to the astonishment of the guests. We can tailor our programmes to suit the client’s requirements, performing well loved operatic arias and duets such as Nessun Dorma, Lakme Duet (from British Airways ad) and  Brindisi (from La Traviata), popular classics such as Time to Say Goodbye and O Sole Mio, or songs from the shows, with songs and duets from Phantom, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Kismet and more. Requests can usually be accommodated.

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Price From £ 390.00 (per singer/comedy waiter)
The A-Team specialise in "entertainment clubbing and corporate events"
The A-Team have provide podium dancers and entertainers for some of the the UK's best nightclubs, venues, shows and theme parks! All the entertainers are exclusive to The A-Team and have been hand picked and in house trained by their Director Sarah. Dancers - Fire eaters - Podium Dancers - Stilt Walkers

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Price From £230.00 (Pole/Podium Dancers)
Price From £250.00 (Angle Grinders, Fire Performers, Showgirls on stilts)
Robert Freeman 30 years a pro, Roberts acts include...

Mix 'n' Mingle, Period Magic, Juggling, Stilts, Fire Eating...

At the Popular Medieval Banquets, Close Up Magic round the tables, mixed with Stilts, Juggling, Period Paper Folding, (The Troublewit) and Fire Eating, subject to conditions permitting bring together the unique quality's of 'The Jolly Jester'.

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Price From £380.00
Areas Covered
Areas Covered
Midlands - Nationwide
We are a London based fully Professional Dance and Singing Company who perform cabaret and review shows to audiences worldwide.

Each has a wealth of professional experience including T.V. and West End Shows (including Chicago, Cats, The Rat Pack, Fosse to name a few) as well as tours abroad, cruise ship shows and work with some of the most talented pop artists in the country.

Our shows are unique and incorporate some of the most popular music and dance styles from the last 40 years. Whether it be from West End Musicals or the Pop Charts, you can be sure this will be a hit with any audience!
Each show is choreographed to an exceptionally high standard with an amazing soundtrack to match. You can be certain of a performance you will never forget!

We are a group of professional singers and dancers who perform cabaret style shows for Corporate events and Private Parties. We have our own fully produced shows or alternatively, we will do bespoke productions.
We have 8 dancers and 4 singers who work for the company at present, however we have more dancers on our files if we should need them.
Emotion Dance Group
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Price from £250.00-£300.00 per dancer based on 20 miles radius outside London
Shooter Show Girls
Perfect for all Wild West and Coyote Ugly themes, these gorgeous Tequila Slammer girls will add the fun factor any event-yeeh ha!! A great ice breaker for all your guests!!
We supply the girls (of course!), costumes, tequila belts and shot glasses (on request).
In addition, the girls can also get your guests involved in a simple but fun line dance class. If they didnt know a Cha Cha Slide from a Boot Scootin Baby they probably still wont by the end of this but they'll will have a lot of fun trying!!
For something a bit more informal the shooter girls can also freestyle dance in short sets during the evening-even on the bar!!

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Price From £ 200.00 per shooter show girl
The Vegas Showgirls are available for anything from Meet and Greet, welcoming the guests and also enabling them to have photographs taken with the girls in the showgirl feathers, which I always find is a memorable part of anyone's evening!!
The girls also have fully choreographed shows, content obviously depending on the evenings entertainment or theme.
At present, Las Vegas Theme Evenings are proving to be extremely popular where the girls can perform up to a one hour set with an Elvis or Rat Pack Tribute or quite simply perform a 20 minute set themselves.

More Information (pdf)   Las Vegas Theme Package (pdf)
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Price From £ 230.00 per Showgirl
KIDS PARTY ENTERTAINER: Clown, Balloon Modeller...
Face Painter, Magician and more

As seen on "The Richard & Judy Show" and "CNN News"


No job too small or too large.
Entertained at over 500+ events
Competitive rates, Can work any day, any time. Children are easily entertained.

As a CHILDRENS ENTERTAINER, I get dressed like a CLOWN with big red shoes.

As a fun MAGICIAN, I perform safe, colourful close up magic, and get them involved in each magic trick. Nothing better than a child’s eyes light up seeing a magic trick close up!

As a BALLOON MODELLER, I provide extra balloon pumps so I let the children pump up their own balloons too.

As a FACE PAINTER, I use safe washable paints, and paint as fast as 30secs a child, thus preventing a long line of children.
Also as a DJ / Music provider I also have a smoke machine to create a great atmosphere. This service is a little extra, but worth it as I provide many children's songs and if you have any special requests let me know in advance to cater for your event. You can also plug your mp3 player into my speaker so I can play your music too.

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Price From £ POA
Areas Covered
Midlands - Nationwide
Fire & Glow Performance          
Fire & Glow Performance is a nationwide circus performance group based in the UK. They can offer a wide range of exciting entertainment options for any event.

They have a highly skilled team of dedicated performers that can provide entertainment for any function, ranging from spectacular choreographed fire and glow shows, to close up table entertainment, crowd interaction, stilt walkers and costume characters.

Their performances are suitable for almost any venue, both indoors and outside and we can offer one of the widest ranges of skills of any performance group in the country.

Whatever the occasion, Fire & Glow Performance is guaranteed to turn heads and add that special spark to your event!

Fire performance : Close up table entertainment
Coloured fire : Walkabout costume performance
Stilt walkers : Angle Grinders
Choreographed performance (Fire & Glow)
Custom theming, Rave, UV Clubbing, Tribal, Street Formal,   Heaven & Hell, Fire & Ice

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Price From £350.00 (per performer)