Nothing brings out the fun like range of our giant games. Good for adults and children alike, these games will provide hours of fun at any private party, street event or corporate function. 

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Hasbro Giant Connect 4
The official HASBRO Giant Connect 4 TM.
This game requires strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck.
Players take it in turns to drop counters into the frame to try and form a line of 4 and at the same time stop their opponent.

Stands 1.1m tall and is made from very hard wearing plastic for a long gaming life.

Please add £10.00 to package rate for this game

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Package (3) Any 8 Garden Games from   £200
Package (4) Any 10 Garden Games from £240

Please note:
The Hasbro Giant Connect 4 and Inflatable Garden Volleyball Game are priced accordingly
Garden Hopscotch
Garden Hopscotch
Good Old Fashioned Fun - Helps Build Balance & Co-ordination.

Consists of 10 interlocking foam pieces approx 30cm square and four pucks - Assembled size approx 7ft x 2ft.

Easily assembled - Safe, durable and easy to clean.

Can be played anywhere, patio, lawn or even indoors.

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Monster Garden Badminton Set
Challenge your Family and Friends to some Monster Fun

Contents -

2 x Giant Rackets (68cm in Length)

2 x Giant Shuttlecocks (20cm in Length)

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Jumbo Wooden Dominoes
Giant Garden sized wooden Dominoes for Indoor or Outdoor use.

Fantastic Game for the Garden.
Giant Fun for all ages, these wooden Giant Dominoes can be played indoors or out and come packed in a wooden carry box with rope handle.
Each giant domino measures 13.5cm x 7cm.

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Take on family and friends with the party game of Limbo. Loosen up and Limbo down as low as you can go.

Keep lowering the beam until only the bendiest person - the winner is left.

Contains two wooden upright poles 5ft 6in tall with staged slots, cross beam, 5ft 6in long and two sets of feet for the upright poles, packed in a cardboard tube for easy storage.

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Giant Snakes & Ladders
This giant edition of Snakes and Ladders takes the traditional game to a new dimension, making this an ideal garden game for all the family.

The players themselves act as the counters and move up the ladders and down the snakes, with some additional rules added for extra fun.

The set contains a giant inflatable dice and a 3-metre square-playing mat with eyelets and pegs to keep the game fixed to the lawn, packed in a colourful box.

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Garden Darts
Take the game of Darts outside into your garden, where you play on a much bigger scale - You will need accuracy and a steady hand to win.

The flights are designed with a grip end to allow you to hold them for underarm throwing.

Score points by landing your darts inside the target rings, with higher points if you hit the bullseye.

Contains 6 playing darts in 3 colours, throwing ring and 2 target rings.

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Sack Race
Players can re-live school days racing in these specially designed adult sized potato sacks allowing racing fun for all the family.
Players compete against family and friends in these 5 brightly coloured sacks, which are named for added rivalry: Fireball, Dozy, Fever, Wired and Mad Dog!

Contains 5 sacks, 45in height and 30in wide, so fits adults and children, made from the best quality jute material, and has double stitching with the strongest thread available, making them tough and durable, packed in a plastic sleeve with colour insert.

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Giant Ludo
Another great giant game for the garden, Giant Ludo is a tactical game full of rivalry to get temperatures rising, perfect as a team game or played as individuals.
Form a block for other players by landing two members of your team on the same space. Send your opponents back to base by landing on the same space as them.

The game consists of a giant 3m square plastic mat with eyelet holes around the edge, 8 plastic pegs to secure the mat to the lawn, 2 inflatable dice, 16 coloured EVA foam playing counters: 4 each of red, green, blue and yellow, all packed in a compact colourful box with carry handle.

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Giant Genga / Hi-Tower
Instantly recognisable by both Children and Adults as a game of real skill. A huge amount of fun is to be had playing at this scale.

Build the Tower and then take turns to remove a piece and add it to the top without making the whole Tower tumble.

The 58 solid pine blocks are made from renewable forests, the Tower builds from 3ft 6ins at the start of the game up to 5ft in play. Total packed weight is 27Kg.

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Hopping Mad (Space Hoppers) Game
Guaranteed to get any party jumping, this racing game contains 3 adults sized Space Hoppers, an inflation pump and a whistle to get the race going.
Choose your hopper carefully from the red Daredevil, green Psycho and yellow Hotshot and take on your rivals.

Hoppers are 61cm (24in) diameter.

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On Target!
This great new game called On Target uses three traditional Frisbee style flying discs and adds skill with a target to aim for.
Players take turns to throw the 3 discs from a distance, aiming to land them on the large 3m diameter target mat. Points are scored according to which ring of the target your discs land on.
Comes complete with 3m diameter mat and three 22cm diameter flying discs.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

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Get Knotted!
There's massive fun to be had with this giant party game for up to 30 players.
Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body you have to place on which colour flower. "Get Knotted" up with other players to make the game more difficult for them. But beware, fall over and you're out of the game.

Giant 3m square play mat, pegs to secure it to the lawn for playing outdoors and two giant inflatable dice.

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Garden Quoits
A simple game of skill and accuracy where the young and…. the not so young can compete on equal terms.

Contains 5 hardwood pegs and base, 4 real rope quoits and rules.

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Not Just Cricket!
Wether you want to have some fun with the kids or whilst entertaining friends and family, this pack of three well loved games: Football, Cricket and Badmington are all packed in one canvas carry bag! Either in the garden, or during a trip to the coast, this set is transportable and ideal for family and friends on the move!


1 x Football and Pump 1 x Cricket Set 1 x Badmington

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TP Balloopa
TP Ballooppa - The football game endorsed by John Farnsworth - World Freestyle Champion
Ballooppa football
firmly attached to an adjustable 6 metre tether - to suit any garden size. No broken windows, trampled flower beds or lost ball!

Robust adjustable target hoop - 3 height positions - ideal to develop shooting skills.
Quick and easy to assemble.
Single or multi player.
Includes ground stake

Product Information:
Clever 360° spinner means no tangled ropes
Ball firmly attached to rope tether - lost balls won't stop play
Full height - 1420mm
Medium height - 1320mm
Low height - 1220mm

"Ballooppa is great fun and something that kids of all ages can play. It is also great for encouraging and developing football skills and accuracy. Play it on your own or with mates, Ballooppa will provide hours of fun for all."

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Pick up Sticks
If you have steady hands and nerves of steel then Giant Pick up Sticks is ideal for you.
Players have to remove sticks one at a time on their turn whilst trying not to move any others. Points are scored for each stick removed.
Different coloured sticks are worth different points.
Giant Pick up Sticks is ideal for any event and provides hours of fun for people of all ages.

Giant Pick up Sticks comes with 30 wooden sticks, 0.9m in length.

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Inflatable Garden Volleyball Game
This Inflatable Garden Volleyball Game is ideal for all the family!
Providing hours of fun this summer and perfect for the beach or park, it includes the posts, net and ball. This game usually has 6 players per team and the aim of the game is to hit the ball over the net to land in your opponents court. The ball cannot touch the ground or the opposing team must give the other team a point or lose the serve.
25 strings of 10cm length are included to attach the net to the posts.
Posts: 280 x 27 x 240cm high
Ball: 40cm diameter

Please add £30.00 to package rate for this game

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New!! Cottage Croquet Set In A Bag
This smaller sized set is ideal for the smaller garden, adult beginners and children. The 4 hardwood mallets are 32 1/2 inches long with smaller sized heads. The set contains 4 lighter weight full sized balls, lighter weight steel hoops, hard wood winning post and rules. Everything you need to enjoy the game in full. The Croquet Set comes packed in a zip fastening nylon bag with handles for portability.
4 hardwood croquet mallets
32 1/2 inch handles and smaller sized heads
4 light weight wooden balls
steel hoopswinning post and rules
Packed in a smart green zip fastening nylon bag for portability.

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New!! Boules In A Metal Box
Boules is a great game which is growing in popularity. The aim of the game is to try and throw your Boules as close to the jack (the little ball) as possible. Not only is this game fun but it also builds up accuracy and co ordination skills which is a great bonus. This stylish Boules set is ideal as a gift or just for using at home.

Included in the set is 8 polished metal Boules, a wooden Jack and a measurer all packaged in a stylish metal case

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