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Funfair Rides for hire. Enjoy the fun of the fair with our fairground rides. Ideal for children's parties, corporate events or street entertainment.
White knuckle rides as well as old time fair with Carousel, Helter Skelter, Dodgems, Chair-oplanes, Tea Cups and Saucers, Mini Ferris Wheels etc.

Just some of the modern and traditional attractions we supply are:
Freakout, Lighthouse Slip, Carousel, Waterballs, Ferris Wheel, Bomber, Big Wheel, Cakewalk, Waveswinger, Runaway Train, Wild Mouse, Apple Coaster, Traditional Dodgem, Drop Tower, Sea Storm, Frisbee, Super Spin, Star Gate, Ski Jump, Fun House, Cup and Saucer, Train Ride, Swing Boats, Toy Set, Ghost Train, Helter-Skelter, Jump and Smile, Matterhorn, Formula 1, Formula 3000, Children's Chairs, Mirror Maze, Superstar, Extreme, Tango, Tri-star, Twister, Orbiter, Take Off, Bumper Boats, Superbowl, Waltzer, Rock-O-Plane, Reverse Bungee, Top Scan, Star Shape, Simulators, Modern Dodgem, High Roller.

Full insurance cover for all aspects of it's operation.
Hire the traditional galloping horses carousel, pro-riding entertainment for every generation for generations. You can hire the horses carousel at extremely competitive rates for your special events or parties for hours of fun for children.

The horses carousel ride is trailer mounted and folds out to 36ft in diameter with 36 galloping horses for children to ride and 2 carriages for all the family to ride together.

With all the traditional organ themed music for your entertainment.

The Galloping Horses Carousel comes complete with trained operative.

Fully Public Liability Insurance
Test Certificated
Risk Assessment
The dodgems otherwise known as bumper cars are the main attraction for any special event including fun fairs, carnivals, concerts, private parties, Galas & balls and any corporate functions, you can hire our dodgems at very special rates for your event.

The dodgems or bumper cars provides fun for all ages from children to grandparents.

They come complete with fully trained operatives and full public liability insurance.
The helter skelter slide attraction is a must for any event big or small.

The Helter Skelter is the most favourite fair ride for young children and would be perfect for any sized event for families.

The helter skelter slide is trailer mounted and constructed with modern materials for safety reasons.

The helter skelter attraction will give lasting memories for young and old seeing all the fun of the fair from the air, you can hire helter skelter slides from our fair ride hire service for very reasonable prices for any event.

The Helter Skelter Hire comes complete with fully trained operatives.
The Deluxe Toy Ride otherwise known as a merry go round ride was manufactured in 2000 and will seat 24 children aged from 2 years and upwards, Adults may accompany small children on our merry go round and is great fun for small children at any event you may be having.

You can hire the merry go round ride for very competitive rates in the Midlands and across the UK.

The merry go round has a selection of lorries, jeeps, motor bikes for children to sit on with sound effects such as sirens. If you would like to hire the merry go round ride for your event please contact us to discuss in more detail.

The Merry go round fair ride comes complete with a fully trained operative.
The Trampolines were manufactured in 2000 and are fantastic fun for children, the trampolines are trailer mounted size trampoline bed system.

Trampolines can ride children from two to ten years old, smaller children can be accompanied by adults.

For more information about hiring trampolines please contact us for details and booking information.

This ride comes with a fully trained operative.
Keep the children entertained with this exciting bungee trampoline attraction which is hot on the market at the moment, it combines a bungee jump along with a trampoline, kids can now bungee jump risk free with 100% adrenaline rush! The bungee trampoline is not just for kids though, adults can have just as much fun (from 20 to 90 kg) as well as people with certain disabilities can try the bungee trampoline too!

Nobody needs to have any experience to use the bungee trampoline either, you can jump up to 10m high with no risks what so ever, you can't do that on any ordinary trampoline.

You can hire one of our bungee trampoline attractions for your event or party to keep everyone entertained in an extreme sport whilst having plenty of fun.
The Tea Cups and Saucers ride was manufactured in 1990, it can seat 24 children and adults and is great fun for the smaller children, you can hire the cups and saucers for your event at very competitive rates.

The cups and saucers platform rotates and the cups spin, giving the ride a fantastic motion for children to have plenty of fun. 
The Mini Ferris Wheel was designed from the famous ferris wheel but built for children with the capability for adults to ride as well in the enclosed gondola.

The ferris wheel can be used at any type of event such as car boot sales, corporate events, birthdays or any other type of event for families.

The mini wheel comes complete with a fully trained operative.
For all your hospitality needs from Clowns, Living Statues, Magicians, Showgirls, Face Painters, Strolling Tables, Stilt Walkers, Fire & Glow Performers, Firework Displays, Funfair Rides, Funfair Side Stalls and much more!

Living Statues, Strolling Tables & Stilt Walkers
Fire & Glow Performers
Firework Displays

Funfair Rides
Funfair Stalls
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This is our brand new candy Floss stall.

We are registered by Solihull Borough Council to operate a candy Floss stall.

Floor area required. 2.5m Wide x 3.5m Deep x 2.5m High.

Price From 490.00
Area: Midlands - Nationwide
Enjoy the fun of the fair with our fairground side stalls for hire. Ideal for Children's parties, corporate events, school fetes or street entertainment
All stalls have been especially manufactured to own design using high quality materials. Being the first company to make our stalls 2.5 square meters, this allows us to install in 95% of all indoor venues.
5million public liability insurance and a full risk assessment, copies available on request. All electrical equipment supplied has a current PAT test certificate.

Toy prizes to be won!
Where stated most side stall include operator and 50 worth of Prizes.