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Fire and Glow Performers for hire, Fire Eating performances for weddings and corporate events , Fire Dancers, Jugglers and Angle Gringder performers at a BIG WOW factore to any event. Sexy, heart pumping and thrilling entertainment for your wedding, corporate or private event. Fire eaters and angle grinder dancers for a night your guests will never forget...
Fire & Glow Performance          
Fire performance
Close up table entertainment
Coloured fire
Walkabout costume performance
Stilt walkers & Angle Grinders
Choreographed performance (Fire & Glow)
Custom theming, Rave, UV Clubbing, Tribal, Street Formal,   Heaven & Hell, Fire & Ice
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Freestyle Fire Performance
Fire performance is a visually stunning and incredibly versatile form of performance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations it is guaranteed to turn heads and add that element of the spectacular to any event.

Our fire performance team has a diverse range of skills, and can tailor their shows to meet the needs of your event. Whether you are looking for something special to greet your guests as they arrive at your venue, or something to really make your event end with a bang, these are the guys for you.
Choreographed Stage Shows
We have a range of choreographed shows to available to cater to every possible occasion and can even provide specially choreographed shows for your event featuring any of the skills available through our group, set to music of your choice, to really make that grand impression.

Illuminate! A fifteen minute choreographed show that takes you on a magical journey in fire and glow. Featuring the very best performers we have to offer. The show is suitable for front facing stages or those with a 360 Degree audience, and can be performed both inside and outside.
This show can also be broken down into blocks if you would be interested in specific aspects of the show, or would like to spread it out over the course of your event. We can even choreograph a bespoke ending to the show if it is to mark a special occasion.
Illuminate is composed of the following five exciting sections, featuring a wide variety of fire and glow performance skills:

First Act (Body Burning / Levi Stick / Fire Eating / Glow Poi)
The show begins with an ambient sound track with three of our performers body burning in time with each other, running fire along their bodies in a poised and dangerous display. All of a sudden the fire leaps from their skin and floats in mid air as the performers gracefully move the floating ball of fire, seemingly with their mind, showing a skill known as levi-stick. The intro to the show finishes with a section of glow performance using poi, where the two performers paint coloured arcs of light in the sky with their movements.

Second Act (Ball Juggling / Hula Hoop)
The second section of the show has an upbeat jazzy track as a backdrop and features our performers showing of their skills in the arts of ball juggling (using multiple colour changing balls) and in the impressive art of Hoola Hoop. In the dark you see points of light rapidly tracing patterns around the stage in a hypnotising display of dexterity and skill.

Third Act (Fire Staff)
The third section of our show is set to a fast paced moody rock track, and features three of our team using flaming staffs to slice through the atmosphere with fiery shapes. The section has a wide dynamic range, moving from slow high precision movements with performers painting geometric shapes in the air, to fast paced split-second time juggling manoeuvres where the staffs are passed spinning from one performer to another.

Fourth Act (Glow Club juggling / Fire Club Jugging)
The fourth section of the show takes place with a more light hearted and jolty track, and is where our juggling experts pass both colour changing glowing juggling clubs and flaming torches between each other in patterns that require both timing and precision as they dart across the stage catching an almost never ending torrent of torches.

Fifth Act (Fire Poi / Body Burning / Fire Staff / Fire Breathing)
The final section of the show is fast paced & action packed. Our performers begin with fire poi (flaming balls on steel chain) spinning these balls of fire though the air, they envelop each other in the flames, in a display that will test even the most strong hearted audience members courage. The pace increases as body burners appear from the back of stage, followed by flaming staffers. The show ends in a huge climax as the performers exhale huge balls of flames from their mouths.
Freestyle Glow Performance
Whether fire performance isnít suitable for your venue, or you are just looking for a something a bit different to theme your event, our glow performers are guaranteed to wow any crowd. Using a wide range of equipment, our glow performers are able to paint vivid shapes and pictures in the air with light. They are a perfect accompaniment for any clubbing night.

Glow has one major advantage over fire, it allows our performers to move in and amongst the guests at your events, performing up close and personal and involving the guests as part of the act. Our glow performances are compatible with any of our standard themes, and can be incorporated into any custom costumes upon request.
Price From £350.00 (per performer)

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